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Protecta has earned a strong reputation as New Zealand’s premier motorcycle insurance specialist, and has been protecting Kiwi’s motorbikes since 1987. Our range of bike specific Agreed Value policies have features such as riding apparel cover, road side assistance, track day cover and many other benefits designed for Kiwi riders. We calculate your insurance premium by looking at both rider and bike, meaning if you are an experienced rider on a low risk bike you won’t be subsidising other riders’ premiums. Go on, compare us now - enter your details below!

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Quote Assumptions

  • All riders of the motorcycle have a ‘clean’ riding/driving record with the relevant NZ Driver Licence, and meet Protecta’s acceptance criteria
  • The motorcycle is less than 20 years old, will not be used for business purposes and has no modifications

You will have the ability to change these options if you choose to proceed with this quote. This may affect your premium. We will also email a copy of all the documentation to you, including the policy wording.

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